Historical and validation simulations / February 2017 Summer Flood

During February 2017, the Avon catchment and Swan Coastal Plain received an exceptional amount of rain, with over 100mm in 24 hours and a total event rainfall exceeding 120mm - the second highest on record. Further links to the story are contained below:

  • Information from the Department of Parks and Wildlife
  • Article by the West Australian
  • Article by Perth Now
  • Article by the ABC
  • The Swan-Canning Estuary Response Model (SCERM v2) was run for the event to explore how the salinity and oxygen may evolve. The concern is the high level of nutrient inputs that occurs following a flood could provide fuel for algal productivity in the warm conditions that occur after the wet weather has subsided.

    Further photos are shown below. Ocean data used to drive the domain was sourced from coastaloceanography.org

    Disclaimer : Please note the simulation presented here is provided as-is and has been prepared making assumptions about river flows, climate and estuary condition, and no liability shall be rendered for any decisions made as a result of this information.

    Salinity and Oxygen Curtain

    Surface and Bottom Salinity

    Model / Field Data Comparison

    Photos of the Upper Swan (13th Feb)

    Upper Swan
    Upper Swan
    Guildford Bridge
    Guildford Bridge